Po(pu)litics! How Trump won the election?

How Trump won the election? Why are po(pu)litical parties positioned in the far right are so good in wining support? How come in the same time these parties have the highest negative ratings? Trump’s answer is: “Because the system is rigged?” The longer explanation is that the election system of parliamentary democracy is flawed. Trump knew that he could win against anyone if he managed to energize roughly 25% of the Americans despite the fact that large portion of the rest of the population look negatively at him. This is roughly the same percentage of support of the far right parties have in Europe.

What is really the problem? In the election system there is only a vote for, there is no vote of disapproval (or critique). The election system is not critical. Politicians who have a specific populist agenda on issues as nationalism, welfare, immigration, etc. eventually manage to cash in on this anger of the 20-30% of the population (25% upset Americans are needed to win the US elections and Trump managed to energize them to vote).

How to improve this? Has anyone thought about critical voting system and structural changes in parliamentary democracy? Every citizen has a right to vote for someone to enter the assembly or becomes president or other political leader. Each citizen should have right to vote against politicians too and stop them for taking important political positions. The politics will be much more interesting when negative rankings will affect politicians. Many critical citizens vote for the opposition to punish or simply change the governing party or block. The critical vote will reveal who supports who and who should not be in the parliament due to negative ranking.

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A different design of a spaceship

Today’s space technology seems profoundly inspired by science fiction novels. The endeavor of deep space exploration is based on speed and rocketry. Many try to design and produce space vessels which will travel with very high speeds, because science fiction writers always describe travel between stars at high speeds. A typical space ship is furthermore aerodynamic (usually flying saucers) and equipped with life supporting systems which recycle oxygen and other excretes. The typical spaceship is modelled to provide all the ecosystem services (breathing air, water, food, etc.).

New Slussen

If you design space ships like the planet Earth, they are doomed to very short voyages. Secondly, the typical spaceship does not provide a very important extraterrestrial ecosystem service, that is sunlight. Sunshine is a prerequisite for healthy human life. A design of a space vessels needs to include artificial sun by considering circadian rhythms. The artificial sun as technology will allow for multigenerational journeys in deep space. It is a design and technological challenge that is not explored yet. The Earth is a spaceship and closed system (biosphere), but without the Sun most of life will disappear in matter of weeks.

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